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  1. Channel at Tejon Ranch
    Channel at Tejon Ranch
    Monitoring flow through the many channels of the beautiful Tejon Ranch property.
  2. Isco Laser Flow Meter
    Isco Laser Flow Meter
    One of the many instruments we use to accurately monitor effluent flow.
  3. Auto Sampler
    Auto Sampler
    This particular auto sampler station is powered by a solar panel and programmed to run only during storm events.
  4. Grease Trap Maintenance
    Grease Trap Maintenance
    Under-the-sink grease traps need to be cleaned and maintained regularly for proper function
  5. Clamp-On Meter Installation
    Clamp-On Meter Installation
    Clamp-on meters are an easy, efficient, and accurate way to measure flow in closed, pressurized pipes without having to redesign the piping for a flow tube.
  6. Ultrasonic Meter Calibration
    Ultrasonic Meter Calibration
    By simulating flow with a false target, we ensure each ultrasonic flow meter is performing with the utmost accuracy.
  7. Flow Study Installation
    Flow Study Installation
    We provide our clients with professional reports and well presented flow data.
  8. Ultrasonic Readjusment
    Ultrasonic Readjusment
    Ultrasonic transducers need to be placed in the correct position for accurate measurement
  9. Ultrasonic Installation
    Ultrasonic Installation
    We work hard to ensure that all flow monitoring and water quality analysis equipment is installed properly and professionally.
  10. Rain Gauge
    Rain Gauge
    GCE installs, programs, and maintains rain gauges and soil moisture meters for organizations collecting data on rainfall and storm events.
  11. BMI Flow Meter Station
    BMI Flow Meter Station
    Our shop-made stainless steel flow stations are sturdy and customizable for any project. This particular station is solar powered and records flow and pH data.
  12. Storm Sample Station
    Storm Sample Station
    GCE has storm sampling stations placed throughout Southern California. Each is made to order. This sample station is stainless steel, solar powered, and vandal proof.
  13. Teledyne Isco Laser Flow
    Teledyne Isco Laser Flow
    Laser flows are perfect for accurate flow measurement of open channels without flumes.